Club Rules

To promote safety and respect (for yourself and others) we have a stringent set of club rules.

Any infringement of the club rules is taken very seriously and may result in people being asked to leave the club.

bulletNo Gi are to be worn to and from training unless under the age of 12, when it is allowed minus belt.

bulletNo jewellery is to be worn in the dojo and must be removed for safety. Any jewellery unable to be removed must be taped to cover any sharp edges.

bulletToe and finger nails must be kept clean and short to avoid injury during training.

bulletAll equipment must be clean and gi ironed.

bulletYou must show the uppermost respect within the dojo; both bowing upon entering and leaving, and at any point in which a higher grade addresses you.

bulletIf you must leave the dojo during a lesson you must ask a senior grade first, and bow upon leaving and re-entering the dojo.

bulletWhen you join the club, regardless of grade, you must wear a red or white belt out of respect for others within the club.

bulletEach member MUST display good hygiene at ALL times.

bulletNever disrespect or underestimate your Sensei, Senpai, or any student who is teaching.

bulletNever walk away from classes for any reason.

bulletAlways express appreciation when you’re being helped.

bulletExercise good behaviour and manners with yours partners, be courteous and treat everyone as an equal.

bulletWomen within club training have the choice to wear a Black Gi.

bulletWhite Gi must be worn at Gradings, Courses and Competitions.

bulletSensei has the final word on all the above rules.