Shodan - Black Belt, First Level

All through your grades you will be tested on the history of the style of Wado Ryu Karate. This will include Dojo Etiquette, Respect for other students and Self Control.

Your approach to your training is a very key part of being successful in passing a black belt karate grade. Just because you can perform the techniques correctly does not mean you pass your grade. Your assessment is not just measured on one day of training. You are measured over a period of time to show that you are always trying to push yourself and improve your techniques. Respect for your fellow students is also a key part of your training.

EWRK follows a traditional syllabus where all the key aspects of Wado Ryu are covered.

Basic Techniques

  • Junzuki
  • Kette Junzuki
  • Junzuki No Tsukkomi
  • Kette Junzuki No Tsukkomi
  • Tobikomizukit
  • Maegeri
  • Sokuto
  • Ushirogeri
  • Mikazuki Geri
  • Surikomi Mawashigeri
  • Surikomi Ushirogeri
  • Uchi Uke
  • Uraken
  • Tettsui
  • Nukite
  • Hiraken
  • Shuto (inner)
  • Gyakuzuki
  • Kette Gyakuzuki
  • Gyakuzuki No Tsukkomi
  • Kette Gyakuzuki No Tsukkomi
  • Nagashizuki
  • Mawashigeri
  • Hiza Geri
  • Nidan Geri
  • Surikomi Maegeri
  • Surikomi Sokuto
  • Soto Uke
  • Empi
  • Haito
  • Ipponken
  • Hirabasami
  • Shuto (outer)

Combination Techniques
  • Maegeri, Mawashigeri,Gyakzuki
  • Maegeri, Ushirogeri, Gyakuzuki
  • Mikazuki, Sokuto, Gyakuzuki
  • Maegeri, Uraken, Mawashigeri, Ushirogeri, Gyakuzuki
  • Surikomi Maegeri, Mawashigeri, Ushirogeri, Mawashigeri, Gyakuzuki
  • Maegeri, Uraken, Mawashigeri, Ushirogeri, Gyakuzuki
  • Mikazuki, Sokuto, Mawashigeri, Ushirogeri, Gyakuzuki
  • Maegeri, Sokuto, Gyakuzuki
  • Maegeri, Mawashigeri, Sokuto, Gyakuzuki
  • Maegeri, Sokuto, Ushirogeri, Gyakuzuki
  • Maegeri, Tobikomizuki, Mawashigeri, Gyakuzuki
  • Surikomi Maegeri, Sokuto, Ushirogeri, Mawashigeri, Gyakuzuki
  • Maegeri, Uraken, Mawashigeri, Ushirogeri, Gyakuzuki

Black belts also need to create their own combinations. This must show their strengths.

Pairs Work
  • Yakusoku Gumite L & R One – Ten
  • Pairs Arm Blocks L & R One – Four
  • Pairs Leg Blocks L & R One – Six
  • Ohyo Gumite L & R One – three
  • Kihon Gumite One – Ten
  • Knife Gumite One – Ten
  • Kneeling Gumite One - Five
  • Self-defence

Kata and Kata Application
  • Kihon Kata
  • Pinan Nidan, Shodan, Sandan, Yodan and Godan
  • Kushanku
  • Naifanchi
  • Seishan
  • Chinto

  • One, Two, Three, Four and Five opponents.

  • Press Ups - One hundred
  • Sit Ups - One hundred
  • Squat Thrusts - One hundred
  • Star Jumps - One hundred