The Kendo Knight Fighters

Welcome to the EWRK Kendo Knight Fighters Academy which was set up in January 2016.

This has proven to be very popular with all the students at EWRK. They love blending traditional Katana techniques with modern principles of the Light Saber movements. If the Light Saber was real, the force to slice through someone would be very minimal. Just by touching someone’s body you would hurt them. Hence when the student fights with the Light Saber it is done with light contact which requires a high degree of skill. One of the key differences is there is no stabbing techniques with the Light Saber.

    These are some of the key principles we are looking to achieve:
  • Sweeping Flowing movement – No edges.
  • Invasive movement when striking and defending.
  • Respect for themselves and others.
  • Swift footwork and movement.
  • Dignity within battle and training.
  • Movement and Techniques that reflect the person’s ability and capabilities.
  • Self-discipline - Control.
  • Resilience – Mind.
  • Adaptive – Movement, technique, mind and Control.
  • Harmony of principle.
When we fight in battle, if you get hit you must admit to this and acknowledge the score. If you do not there could be a risk of getting disqualified due to lack of respect.

Also within the school there is no set kata - the students develop their own set of choreography that is within their own personal skill level.